How do I Apply Nail Art? 

Nail decals are simple to apply but do require some care in order to get the best possible finish and wear. Please follow the steps below for the best results.

Our nail art has completely clear borders when removed from the blue backing paper during application.

We are proud to use waterslide technology for all of our nail art. This gives you far superior results to stickers or other types of nail art; resulting in super crisp images, ultra thin nail art that blends seamlessly with your nails and is very durable.

Step #1. Prepare your nail art.

For best results cut out each decal that you wish to use as close to the decal as possible. Extra edges around the decal will be clear - so this doesn't need to be exact, just smaller than your nail.

Step #2. Choose your nail color

Light color nail art looks best on dark polish colors and dark color nail art looks best on light polish colors. We recommend white or cream. All of our nail art is printed on a clear background to give you the best look. Please choose your polish color to make your nail art really stand out.

Step #3. Apply your nail art.

Place each decal in warm water. When the decal starts to lift off the blue backing paper place it carefully on your nail and gently smooth it on. Use a clean damp paper towel or cloth to wipe off excess water and smooth out air bubbles.

Step #4. Apply top coats.

After your nail art is applied, please apply two layers of a high-quality top coat to seal the nail art. Allow the top coat to dry completely.

Additional Tips.

By following the above steps your nail art should last approximately 5 to 14 days, depending on how you take care of your nails.  We hope you LOVE your nail art.

When you are ready to remove your nail decals we recommend Acetone nail polish remover.

Special tip from a customer:

Carole says "I just wanted to tell you I had a hard time applying my first 2 patch puppies. I then tried something & it worked PERFECTLY ! I took a small bathroom Dixie cup, filled it almost to the top with warm water & put the patch puppy in. When the backing dropped off & the puppy was floating I put my finger nail in, brought it up under the floating puppy. It worked perfectly & just took seconds ! Thought I'd pass this on to you."                                                              We think it is an awesome tip too so thought we would share with you all.  Thanks for the awesome tip Carole!!

Also here is a video that you may find useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-x3rjK6RT0

Where are my items made?

Nail Art and Decals are created and shipped from Pennsylvania, USA

Apparel, Totes, Hats, and Blankets are created and shipped from Detroit, USA

Jewelry is shipped from various locations internationally.

When will I get my order?

We are guaranteeing Father's day delivery for orders placed by 6/10/2020, we cannot guarantee delivery in time for Father's Day on orders placed past this date, after 12pm EST.  *Please see the information and links to USPS at bottom of this section for current estimated time frames.

All items are made to order and need time to print and cure before being shipped. This can take several days.

Approximate Shipping Times in the USA; not including Alaska and Hawaii (in business days not including weekends, holidays or rerouting of mail by USPS or FedEx).

Nail Art and Decals 15 to 17 Days
Apparel, Totes, Hats, and Blankets 10 to 14 Days
Jewelry 10 to 21 Days


***International shipping (outside of the USA, this includes: Alaska and Hawaii) can take 7 to 30 days longer depending on location and customs. We make every effort to ship every international package. Shipping is available to Great Britain and Canada, and many other countries, however, there are some countries that we can't ship to. If this happens we will happily refund your money.

*This information is supplied via the USPS website, the courier we commonly use: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/USPS-Coronavirus-Updates-Expected-Delivery-Changes Here is a link for USPS website that you can access should you have further questions: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/Delayed-Mail-and-Packages Please feel free to also contact us for questions! We are always  happy to help.

What is the Paw to Paw Promise?

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