Beagle My Nose Tastes Like Chocolate Nail Art Decals (NOW 50% MORE FREE)

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You know this beautiful Beagle has his eye on a yummy treat! We've all seen those keen eyes focused on a cookie and then that tongue comes out to let you know he's waiting. Don't make him wait any longer! Show him you got the message with these nail art decals... and that cookie.
We hope you love our exclusive Patch Puppy design.
Product Specifications:
  • Great for everyday wear or heading to the Westminster dog show
  • Love your nail decals, simple to apply waterslide decals
  • Each kit comes with 40 decals in 3 sizes + 20 Bonus decals (same design).
  • Nail art sizing will look different on each unique nail size.
  • Delivery within 15 - 17 days. First Class mail.
  • 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Please see this link for helpful tips on applying your nail art decals.

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