German Shepherd Say Cheese Nail Art Decals (Now 50% More FREE)

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That cheesy cute look that every German Shepherd gets whenever they see the camera is captured on these decals. It's the perfect way to add some fun flair to your nails while showing off how much you love German Shepherds.
We hope you enjoy our exclusive Patch Puppy nail art as much as we do.
Product Specifications:
  • Love your nail decals, simple to apply waterslide decals
  • Each kit comes with 40 decals in 3 sizes + 20 Bonus decals (same design).
  • Nail art sizing will look different on each unique nail size.
  • Delivery within 15 - 17 days. First Class mail.
  • 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Please see this link for helpful tips on applying your nail art decals.

Simple Steps to Apply Nail Decals:

  • Paint the nail first if desired
  • Cut decals out individually
  • Lift corner of clear film from brown paper with a pin
  • Peel the decal from the paper with tweezers & apply to the nail
  • Cover with clear nail polish or top coat to seal - two coats of clear coat are recommended for the longest wear.


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